Daily backups, monthly archives stored at Amazon S3.

Website Backups Service allows restoring the site as of any of the last 30 days without having to dig the search engines' cache. The reason why you need to restore the site does not matter: it can be a corrupted DB, malicious code, hosting malfunctions, anything.

Website Backup Service is your insurance against:

  • malicious code somehow introduced to the files of your site and bringing up an ad on every page;
  • loss of files, e.g. when someone gets unauthorized access to server/backend and deletes them;
  • loss of control over your current hosting account;
  • technical issues, e.g. hosting provider unable to keep the site up and running for more than a day;
  • accidental deletion of site's files or DB.

Why choose our website backup service?

  • You can schedule backups and run them at any time, e.g. when the traffic to your website is at its lowest.
  • You don't need to set anything up on your server, our backup service works through ssh using the appropriate key.
  • Your hosting suffers no extra load, our backup service transfers all the heavy lifting (compressing etc.) to our server.
  • The backup service keeps versions under control and only downloads changed files from your server, which means the connection load is optimized and minimal.
  • Everything's safe, both files and DBs backed up and stored at a secure location.
  • The secure location is Amazon S3 server, one of the best solutions available.
  • You always have 30 backups, one for each of the past 30 days, at your disposal.


Plans Micro Small Medium Large
Backup frequency Daily
Storage Amazon S3
Backups storage period 1 month
Maximum size of backups 15 Gb 50 Gb 150 Gb 500 Gb
Cost (1 year) $52 $104 $207  $430