Rating Runet 1 Drupal CoderAccording to the Runet Rating, we are the best Russian web design company building Drupal-powered websites.

Our team has been accumulating experience and excelling in Drupal websites development and support since 2005. Through the years, we created and were supporting hundreds of sites using this wonderful platform. We have been actively contributing to Drupal since its 4.6 version.

Some companies, when they take sites for maintenance, require them to move to their servers and their infrastructure. More often than not, they charge money for this work. At Initlab, we support Drupal websites on our clients' servers, we don't require them to move, and therefore we don't charge money for this move. Instead, we have mandatory onboarding. In this article we'll explain what it's for and what the benefits are.
In this article, we'll talk about how agile development is organised at Initlab and how it helps us to maintain and improve our clients' websites in parallel.
In this article we explain how a search engine promotion strategy is formed, what it includes, how it helps to make the website better and what benefits it will bring to business.
Want to launch your own mobile app, but don't have a huge budget yet? If you have a Drupal-based website, we can offer you an inexpensive and worthy alternative to a full-fledged app - PWA. We tell you about the technology, how it works and its benefits.
Google ranks website pages based on their user-friendliness - the better the page, the higher you rank in search results. To assess page quality, Google uses Core Web Vitals, a system of metrics that shows how comfortable a user is interacting with a web resource. We'll tell you what makes up a website's page quality score and how Initlab can help improve all the metrics that Google monitors.
Increasing sales on a website helps to attract traffic and increase conversions. Ideally, it is necessary to work in both directions, but contextual advertising requires ongoing costs and may simply be pointless if the site is not good enough from the customer's point of view. Therefore, in the long term, it is much more effective to focus on increasing conversions, which will help you earn more money.
The page a user visits should load in 2-3 seconds. According to research, the modern user is not prepared to wait longer and simply leaves the site. You need to monitor page load speeds constantly and if performance is poor and users close the tab faster than the first item appears, you need to speed up the site.
The training course for Linux system administrators for Drupal projects, held by our Company, has been completed. Two out of 15 participants successfully completed the course (a graduate of KCEP and a 4th year student of Kuban State University). The programme covered the following aspects of administration and technical support of Drupal project infrastructure:
From one day to come into force a major change in the search algorithm, which Google announced back in November 2020.