Rating Runet 1 Drupal CoderAccording to the Runet Rating, we are the best Russian web design company building Drupal-powered websites.

Our team has been accumulating experience and excelling in Drupal websites development and support since 2005. Through the years, we created and were supporting hundreds of sites using this wonderful platform. We have been actively contributing to Drupal since its 4.6 version.

The training course for Linux system administrators for Drupal projects, held by our Company, has been completed. Two out of 15 participants successfully completed the course (a graduate of KCEP and a 4th year student of Kuban State University). The programme covered the following aspects of administration and technical support of Drupal project infrastructure:
From one day to come into force a major change in the search algorithm, which Google announced back in November 2020.
In this article, we'll tell you about a Google technology that solves two problems at once: it enhances the loading speed of mobile pages and promotes such pages in search.
E-mail newsletters help bring customers back to the site, encourage them to make a repeat purchase or notify them of discounts. In order for people to automatically receive the right email at the right time, it is necessary to integrate a mass mailing service with the website. In this article we will tell you about one such service, its features and advantages.
Today we're going to talk about a module we've developed that allows you to create unique text from multiple search filters with all declensions and cases. It will automatically assemble a title that is correctly considered by search algorithms and will give your website to the user much more willingly.
To receive payments from customers for goods and services, you need to connect a payment system to your site. One-time payments for goods or a subscription to an information service - in both cases we're talking about the same solution. If your Drupal site needs a payment system, check out our article.
The owner of a website for the sale and rental of equipment for construction and repair turned to us with a complaint that his site is poorly promoted in search engines and asked us to determine the reasons why this happens. Having studied the site and SEO reports, we agreed to help him by taking the project for maintenance and support.
After the successful SEO optimisation, we began to improve the client's website to increase conversions and the depth of the site visits. We will tell you what we have done, what we have implemented and what results this has led to.
In this article we'll tell you about how we migrated from a self-written site to Drupal, which features Drupal gives to a site with a lot of content, and what benefits a move to Drupal has in principle.