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Rating Runet 1 Drupal CoderAccording to the Runet Rating, we are the best Russian web design company building Drupal-powered websites.

Our team has been accumulating experience and excelling in Drupal websites development and support since 2005. Through the years, we created and were supporting hundreds of sites using this wonderful platform. We have been actively contributing to Drupal since its 4.6 version.

Memory leak in Drush when performing heavy operations

Drush executes a command or script in a single process. This means that performing long and heavy operations can lead to memory leaks due to static cache accumulation. This is especially noticeable when performing CRUD operations for a large number of entities, for example, when performing batch processing (batch). Drush has a mechanism to handle such situations in the context of batch operations.

Project migration to Kubernetes: what stages it consists of and how long it takes. Experience of an IT company

If you are planning to implement Kubernetes containerisation on your project, we offer our article to familiarise you with the main steps of this process. This way you will understand what to be prepared for and how long it will take. In this article, the Initlab team will share their experience of migrating various projects to Kubernetes and provide a step-by-step plan for a competent move.

An unobvious way to improve website performance: our experiment to speed up an online shop

Site performance is not only affected by code quality and content optimisation - they can be meaningless if the settings on the server suffer. We at Initlab have long been involved in server configuration, and we know very well how much it means for website performance. To prove how important it is to work on server configuration optimisation, we decided to conduct an experiment that will clearly show how settings affect site speed and other important parameters. Our experts have deployed 3 online shops and checked how much the database configuration has affected their performance. We will report the results of our study in this article.

Initlab in person. Interview with Sergei Sinitsa

The first interview with the founder of Initlab, Sergei Sinitsa, who chose IT instead of a rock star career. Find out how a mathematician founded an IT company, why he spends two out of five working days at the university (studying? recruiting young talents?) and what 0.1% of all programmers Initlab looks for and hires.