Поддержка сайтов на Drupal

Сопровождение и поддержка сайтов на CMS Drupal любых версий и запущенности. Добавление информации на сайт, разработка и оптимизация модулей сайта, любые доработки функционала и дизайна.

Чтобы начать работать с нами, необходимо выбрать тариф и заключить договор.

Тарифы на поддержку Drupal

Предоплата в месяц (руб.)
Консультации по Drupal и веб-технологиям по email
Время реакции на заявки по доработке сайта
Включено часов в месяц (до)
Перенос неизрасходованных часов на следующий месяц
6000 ₽
3 дня
до 4
12 000 ₽
24 часа
до 8
30 000 ₽
24 часа
до 20
12 000 ₽
3 дня
до 6
  • Внедрение и поддержка Drupal Commerce, Ubercart для Drupal всех версий
  • Внедрение обмена и интеграции с внешними сервисами
Приём заявок на доработку сайта осуществляется по email. 
We render support services for Drupal-powered sites and servers by subscription:
Services \ Plan Monitoring Economy Business E-commerce VIP Corp
Swift installation of Drupal security updates 1 site - - - - 1 site
Swift installation of web server software security updates 1 server - - - - 1 server
Site availability monitoring and troubleshooting * + - - - - +
Installation and configuration of Drupal modules and themes - + + + + +
Development, improvement and optimization of site's modules and themes - + + + + +
Communication (improvements requests etc) via email - + + + + +
Drupal and web technology consultations via Skype and phone - + + + + +
Drupal and web tech consultations via Skype and phone, business hours, GMT +3 - - + + + +
Drupal Commerce, Ubercart implementation for Drupal 6 and 7, further support - - - + - +
Implementation of CommerceML exchange between Drupal and 1C: Enterprise (UT 10 and 11, UNF, SC), MoySklad, Class365; further support of integrations - - - + - +
Integration of Drupal with Apache Solr, Apache Mahout, Microsoft SQL Server,
Microsoft Active Directory, Yandex.Market, Yandex.Metrics, Yandex and Google Maps, Google Analytics, Robocopy, RBK Money, Paypal, 2Checkout, Alertpay, EMS Russian Post , DPD, electronic digital signature (EDS); further support of integrations
- - - + - +
Daily backups - - - - - +
Mandatory use of GIT version control system - - - - - +
Response time to site optimization/modernization queries - 3 days 24 hours 3 days 24 hours 3 days
Response time for site failures (business hours)* 2 hours - - - - 2 hours
Admins' time, hours per month up to 1 up to 4 up to 9 up to 6 up to 20 up to 6
Overtime fee $25 $25 $25 $35 $25 $35
Service Level Agreement best possible best possible best possible best possible best possible SLA
Monthly fee (prepaid, pay per month) $20 $100 $210 $210 $480 over $500
Monthly fee (prepaid, pay per 6 month) $16 $93 $186 $186 $387 over $387

* — We monitor response codes of your web server, appearance of certain text on the site's pages, web server and hard disks performance, releases of Drupal security updates and modules and web server packages. When the monitoring system detects a failure, we tackle it ASAP.

Drupal supportFAQ

Yes. With online stores, the responsibility is greater, since even minor errors can lead to drops in conversion. It takes more than just Drupal expertise. To successfully support an online store, we employ specialists proficient in Drupal Commerce and Ubercart and well-versed in e-commerce. They are the best, and therefore the price of the E-commerce plan is higher.
We do. We are Initlab, LLC, working from Krasnodar, Russia. We are a team of trained Drupal pros boasting from 1 to 10 years of experience: 4 programmers, 3 web masters, 2 SEO specialists, 2 sysadmins.
  1. You pick one of the pricing plans and make the payment.
  2. We give you access to the Helpdesk so you can submit the tickets.
  3. Within the response time promised by the chosen pricing plan, our specialist assigned to your project tackles your ticket, records the time spent solving the issue and closes the ticket when everything is done.
  4. Your Helpdesk account lets you check open tickets, planned solution timeframes and hours already spent supporting you.
We notify you that all further tickets within the month in question will be taken care of for an extra fee (subject to the plan's rates) or moved to the next month. At the end of the month that had such extra tickets, we send you a report detailing hours spent and an invoice allowing paying the extra fee.
Prepaid hours are not credited to the next month's limit nor refunded. Each month of support requires its own payment as per the plan you have chosen.
We keep it simple.
  • If we see that you have enough prepaid hours for the task at hand, we just do the job.
  • If the task requires more hours than you have paid for, we send you a quote and start only when we have your approval.
  • You can also send you ticket with "Need a quote" as its subject and ask us to assess the task you have for us. The time it takes to make the assessment is credited against your prepaid hours.
  • If the task will take more time than we have planned initially, we refine the estimate and talk to you about an extra charge and shift of deadlines.
  • Some tasks are clear from the outset, like development of new modules and sections to the site following your specs. We can move such tasks from the support queue into separate contracts approved by you.
1-2 persons. Each support account receives a manager who gets all the relevant tickets. The tickets are queued in the Helpdesk as they arrive and assigned to that manager. We can put more people on the task in case:
  • there are many tickets and the assigned manager fails to process them in a timely manner;
  • the assigned manager cannot process the ticket in time (on a sick leave, vacation etc);
  • we have a specialist who can do the job much faster.
Simple. Just drop us a letter with your domain as a subject and detailed description of what you need done as the body.
If you have chosen the Admin plan, our monitoring system keeps track of everything about your site. When something goes wrong, we learn of it swiftly and start fixing the problem. But if it is about improper functioning, we need an email from you specifying the problem and your domain name.
All admin jobs start with an email from you with your domain as a subject and detailed description of what you need done as the body.
The response time depends on the pricing plan you have chosen. If it is a failure detected by the monitoring system, we start working on it within 2 hours (daytime, business hours). If you need some improvements done to your site, we take from 24 hours on, business hours. The response time can be adjusted in the SLA.
Wire under a contract (B2B), WebMoney, Yandex.Money, Paypal.
10 to 18 (GMT + 3), weekdays. We can work overtime, in this case the rate is doubled and we need your consent.
All Drupal support pricing plans include security updates installation service (one Drupal branch). If you want to upgrade from, for example, Drupal 6 to Drupal 7, it is better to make a separate agreement. We can offer you a quote after taking a closer look at the job at hand. This upgrade audit implies search for best migration solutions, assessment of labor inputs needed to update all the modules, code blocks, Views, themes. The audit costs USD 100 and takes 1 to 3 days, depending on the size of the site.
Some pricing plans allow direct and instant communication. To arrange a session, you need to send us an email specifying the contact details and the time slot.