We have extensive experience in profiling slow sites powered by Drupal, server optimization and Drupal-based infrastructure scaling.

If your site goes down every now and then, loads slowly and exerts exuberant load on the server, we can help you. To remedy such problems, we:

  • diagnose the server to find bottlenecks;
  • optimize it (the server) to eliminate performance problems;
  • compile a list of server hardware improvement suggestions;
  • profile Drupal and search for bottlenecks in site's performance;
  • make a list of actions to boost your Drupal-powered website and perform those actions as part of the support service we render.


The tools we use to obtain excellent results are nginx, apache, varnish, memcached, apc, xcache, eaccelerator, xdebug, xhprof etc.

Typically, optimization of a Drupal site includes 3 stages.

Stage 1. Server diagnostics and optimization.

  • Server monitoring in search for performance problem.
  • Checking server software settings.
  • If necessary, installation of additional software - apc, memcached; tuning one site to work with memcached.
  • Further optimization recommendations.

The cost of Stage 1 is USD 100 or EUR 75.

Stage 2. Drupal site profiling and debugging

  • Profiling Drupal.
  • Slow and frequent DB queries analysis.
  • Debugging Drupal to find out the cause of performance problems.
  • Compilation of recommendations covering further development of the site to remedy the performance problems.

At stage 2, we charge by the hour.

Stage 3. Upgrading your Drupal-powered site

If elimination of problems hindering the performance of your site requires substantial development effort, we can do the job at our support service rates.