Since January 2017, Google Chrome (the most popular browser to date) marks sites that do not use an HTTPS connection as unsafe.

Пример предупреждения

This was announced in the Google Security blog.

Google decided to warn users that the site they are visiting does transmit the data securely and any personal information that they enter there can be intercepted.

Naturally, such a notification can scare many users away.

To avoid complications, it is best you hurry up and get an SSL certificate for your site.

Nowadays, the certificate means greater security and more users to your site. Google tends to favor sites that have one. Websites that use HTTPS get top spots of SERP.

SSL certificate is a unique digital signature for your site, which is necessary to create a secure connection between the client and the server. This kind of security is especially important when transferring confidential information and conducting financial transactions.

Sites with an SSL certificate always have their connection secured. (

We can help you add https to your site's address. The process is as follows:

  • buying the SSL for your site
  • setting up the web server to work through https
  • configuring redirects (http -> https)
  • testing the site and the web server

The cost of the service is USD 50 (EUR 40).