Search engine optimization of a Drupal-powered website allows receiving a stream of prospects to your site from search engines (read: Google, Bing, Yandex etc). The SEO team of Drupal Coder excels in bringing your Drupal website to the top of search engine results pages (SERP).

We are experienced in developing and supporting Drupal sites, understand the structure of such sites perfectly, know the SEO tricks peculiar to Drupal and have all the necessary modules and improvements at our disposal. Being Drupal SEO pros, we apply common solutions quickly and efficiently, which allows us more time for creative tasks, analysis and drawing up recommendations pertaining to the improvement of the site proper. Trusting your site with our Drupal SEO team, you can stay assured it is safe, online and always in the green from the SE's viewpoint.

Drupal SEO services:

  • SEO audit
  • Compilation of the keywords list
  • Setting up everything needed to welcome SE's crawlers (robots.txt, nofollow, noindex, sitemap.xml, fine-tuning navigation, breadcrumbs)
  • Improvement of the site's structure and cleaning the links (setting up aliases and breadcrumbs to match the structure)
  • HTML5 semantic responsive markup
  • Markup-level SEO
  • Content SEO
  • Metadata management (meta tags and keywords)
  • Introduction of microformats and microdata (
  • Boosting page load times
  • Content marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Building up links to site (paid links, crowd marketing, PBN networks)
  • Fine tuning Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica (goals, complex reports, integration with Yandex.Market)
  • A/B tests to find the most efficient solutions
  • Usability audit and tests
  • Conversion growth
  • Bringing site up to standards for inclusion to Yandex.Catalog, Yandex.Market (building complex feeds)
  • Setting up integrations with social networks (social login, group widgets, comments, like and share buttons)
  • Setting up livechat with GoTalk, Clodium
  • PPC
  • SMM

At the end of each month, we provide you with a detailed report covering what was done, the results and plans for the future.

There are two pricing plans to the Drupal search engine optimization service:

Subscriber Hourly

We study your site, the keywords you have chosen and quote a monthly fee for the SEO service. That's it, you worry about nothing else henceforth.

At the end of the month, we send you reports covering the work done, lists of sites containing your paid links and keywords that already show your site at the top of the search engine results pages.

Excellent choice if you want to stay in the know and minimize the SEO hassle for yourself.

You pay us by the hour for the job done by our SEO team and supply the money for paid links, rewrite, copywriting.

This pricing plan is absolutely transparent.



  • 3 hours per month - USD 100 (EUR 85),
  • 5 hours per month - USD 170 (EUR 140),
  • 8 hours per month - USD 270 (EUR 230),
  • 10 hours per month - USD 340 (EUR 285).

Before doing anything, our Drupal SEO team seeks approval of the search engine optimization plan developed from your.

Such an approach means you only pay for what you want done to the site and nothing else.

This pricing plan includes time for consultations related to the site's optimization and further development.

This pricing plan includes time for consultations related to the site's optimization and further development.

Our Drupal SEO team draws up the budget to be spent on paid links, paid articles copywriting and publishing.

Besides the hours our SEO team spends optimizing your site, you cover the expenses for paid links, rewriting, copywriting.

We study your site, the keywords you have chosen and suggest the SEO budget.

You either accept it or suggest your own SEO budget limits.

Your choice:

  • We can use your existing accounts with paid links exchanges or create new ones; if you choose the latter, you get to keep the accounts when we are done.
  • We can use our own accounts, make deposits and provide you with the monthly expense report; in this case, the accounts are ours when we are done.

+ You know what the SEO specialist is up to;

+ The rate is fixed.


+ Complete transparency: you control everything the SEO team does for you.

+ You monitor the quality and volume of links bought.

+ You set the budget you want to spend on links and articles.


- You don't know how much the SEO team spends on optimization and how much they take as their fee.

- Your site is not in SERP top yet but you already have to pay for the month.

- Once you quit with the SEO, your site may drop on SERP.


- You need to understand the SEO principles and technology.

Good for:



If by the end of fourth and subsequent months less than 65% of keywords yield your site in SERP top spots, we shall refund you 30% of the monthly fee. We reckon up on the first day of the fifth month from the start of our cooperation.

(The guarantees apply to sites with unique content, domain name registered at least 12 months ago and having no less than 15 pages indexed by search engines' crawlers)

Good for:

those who know what SEO is, as well as companies having specific tasks (unbanning, joining marketplaces etc)

The minimal term is 6 months. The minimal term is 1 month.
The price starts at USD 170 (EUR 140) per month

Get a quote

The price starts at USD 100

Hourly fee - USD 35 (EUR 30).


All pricing plans require ordering site support services from us:

SEO specialists do search engine optimization and nothing else. They do not post news, pictures and do not modify the site's functions and features. This is the job of our support department, which operates under its own rates. What the SEO team can and will do is prepare the list of tweaks and improvements to the site that guarantee optimization success. That is why our SEO services are inseparable from our site support services.


We use TOPVISOR to monitor site's positions on SERP. The system allows guest accounts so you can see everything for yourself.

Feel free to reach Darya at to find out more about our Drupal SEO services and place your order.