Completion of the 4th intake of the Linux system administrator training course for Drupal projects

The training of Linux system administrators for Drupal projects, which is held by our Company, is over.

From 15 participants 2 people (the graduate of KCEP and a 4th year student of Kuban State University) have successfully completed the course.

The program covered the following aspects of administration and technical support of Drupal projects infrastructure:

  1. Using the ISPManager panel.
  2. Setting up a web server Nginx , Apache / Php-fpm.
  3. Using Varnish.
  4. Configuring mail servers and spam protection.
  5. Profiling Drupal with xdebug and xhprof.
  6. Using memcache to speed up Drupal.
  7. Optimizing MySQL performance.

Our team of Drupal admins is growing.

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