Internal link optimization

In order to be ranked better for a website in search and for customers to find it faster, you need to do search engine optimization (SEO) on a regular basis. This is a service of many small sub-items, so today we're going to tell you about one of them.

Internal link optimization — "cross-linking" news, articles, products, and other sections of the site with each other through links. The so-called "linking" (link-linking).

Why do we need to optimize internal links?

Search engines consider the pages on your site worthy of being issued if:

  • they are read for a long time (depth of view);
  • the buttons, which are there, are clicked;
  • they are shared in social networks.

Worthy pages should have a large "weight" - i.e this page should be referenced by other pages. And to increase it, you can add links to your own internal pages. In addition to purely technical, this has another practical sense: a person stays longer on sites with re-linking - to follow the links inside like reading an interesting book, there is a feeling that further - more.



It looks like a useful material. But if I'm a senior and came straight from a search engine for a rental service, what should I do next? I don't want to read the pros and cons, I'm a ready customer! Go to the home page and look for the rental service within the site? Where should I look? And if I want to know the prices first, and then I still want to read the pros and cons, how should I search for the article all over again?

Such thoughts run through the client's head in a split second. They are used to convenience, and doesn't have to "fight" for you. They will go to a more friendly interface.


Another case. The necessary information is striking, which means we'll detain attention on it. We can click to find out the details and then come back to read the material. We don't have to wander around the site looking for the right section/button.

We already have thousands of news/articles, are we linking everything?

This service is part of theSEO-promotion from Initlab. When the basic tasks are closed, for 3-4 months you can engage in optimization of links. It takes from 2 hours of work of our specialists. It is easier to fill 15 articles with links than thousands, so the timing is different.

And what sites need it?

Both Russian and global. With the type of site is the same - even if the online store, even if the information portal. The benefit is the same.

Is it possible to do the optimization by your own forces?

We have this way: we write down the rules for our support, which part of the text should be highlighted and where to send a link. The rules are not taken from the ceiling: we promote pages with low weight, the most popular or necessary for the client in this month (special offers, discounts, etc.).

Of course, this can also be done by your content manager. We offer our services only because we have studied the subtleties and nuances of search engine promotion for 15 years. In addition, the linking - it is not always a manual addition of links in the text.

For example, you can automatically display a block with announcements of related news with links from the same category under the news. In our rules we add information on how such a block should look like. And the Initlab support (or client's specialists, if the site is not supported by us) adds this block. This operation is performed only once, but after that all news on the site will be automatically re-linked.

If you want to get on top of search queries, contact us. The managers of Initlab will answer all your questions.

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