Improving Core Web Vitals settings on Drupal websites

Google ranks website pages based on their user-friendliness - the better the page, the higher you rank in search results. To assess page quality, Google uses Core Web Vitals, a system of metrics that shows how comfortable a user is interacting with a web resource. We'll tell you what makes up a website's page quality score and how Initlab can help improve all the metrics that Google monitors.

How we teach SEO and optimize Drupal-powered websites


Daria Bochkareva, head of the website promotion and content support department at Initlab, delivered the “SEO Fundamentals, markup” lecture to students of the Kuban State University. Daria covered the main SEO aspects and tools and gave examples of the structured markup compliant with The students will apply the acquired knowledge when doing the web dev tasks given to them at the website development course they attend at the Faculty of Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics of KubSU.