Better to spend 4 hours and get there in 5 minutes: why do we need mandatory onboarding on a client's website?

Some companies, when they take sites for maintenance, require them to move to their servers and their infrastructure. More often than not, they charge money for this work. At Initlab, we support Drupal websites on our clients' servers, we don't require them to move, and therefore we don't charge money for this move. Instead, we have mandatory onboarding. In this article we'll explain what it's for and what the benefits are.

The art of support ticket composition for customers: a well-set task is half the battle


As of this writing, our support team has closed over 40,000 tickets, which took it about 90,000 man-hours. "Support" here means site improvements/adjustments as ordered by the customer, done promptly. This is a pay-by-the-hour deal. The tasks range from changing color of a button to adding ecommerce functionality to a site that has been around for several years. From the customer's perspective, the key metrics reflecting performance of the support team are: