As of this writing, our support team has closed over 40,000 tickets, which took it about 90,000 man-hours. "Support" here means site improvements/adjustments as ordered by the customer, done promptly. This is a pay-by-the-hour deal. The tasks range from changing color of a button to adding ecommerce functionality to a site that has been around for several years. From the customer's perspective, the key metrics reflecting performance of the support team are:

Daria Bochkareva, head of the website promotion and content support department at Initlab, delivered the “SEO Fundamentals, markup” lecture to students of the Kuban State University. Daria covered the main SEO aspects and tools and gave examples of the structured markup compliant with The students will apply the acquired knowledge when doing the web dev tasks given to them at the website development course they attend at the Faculty of Computer Technology and Applied Mathematics of KubSU.

Page load speed affects conversion and indexing by Google and Yandex. In some known cases boosting page load yielded a 40% increase in the number of orders or 13% greater revenue.

January 25-27 were the days of Drupal Contribution Weekend, a global event that brought together thousands of Drupal professionals around the world.
On May 24 - 25, Moscow's Expocenter (Sokolniki) hosted EcomExpo 17, the largest ecommerce fair in Russia and Eastern Europe. Initlab, Drupal Coder's parent company, was one of those 250 exhibitors.
On April 8, A-Camp conference took place in the town of Armavir. The event brought together people willing to make the most out of internet for their business and those knowing how to do it. Initlab was the gold sponsor of the event, and we also brought a couple of keynotes to the conference.

We have formulated and packaged a new service you may now order from us: Drupal hosting server administration.

The service is not new per se, since we have been managing servers hosting Drupal-powered websites for our clients for a long time now. However, it was not put on paper and structurized, so to say, until recently. With pricing attached, of course.

So, what is Drupal hosting server administration by Drupal Coder and who needs this service?

On November 8-9 our SEO department (Nikita Simonov and myself) attended the Google AdWords workshop staged for Google Partners in the Forum hotel, Krasnodar.

On September 9-10 2016, DrupalCamp 2016 took place in the city of Krasnodar. This year, Drupal Coder was one of the organizers of the conference, which is an important yearly event for the entire Drupal community. DrupalCamp 2016 brought together over 150 participants from 20 cities of Russia. Kuban State University hosted the event.

Drupal camp 2016