After making edits to the site, the developer has to make sure that everything works as it should and that nothing has 'gone wrong' anywhere. If a small problem on one page is solved, it's easy - check that page, make sure everything is OK and move on.
In order to be ranked better for a website in search and for customers to find it faster, you need to do search engine optimization (SEO) on a regular basis. This is a service of many small sub-items, so today we're going to tell you about one of them.
Google has Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) technology. Briefly: Google generates prepared pages in lightweight mobile versions that are loading faster and showes them in search results above the rest. Because Google wants the Internet to be more comfortable fore users - they should not wait long. But Google does not create AMP automatically - it needs to be connected and some pages require optimization to display in AMP format.
We continue to introduce you to our support services. Today is the Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery's turn
We plan to compensate for sports. We dedicated the end of 2021 to the introduction of voluntary health insurance for employees.
The Drupal module, with support for multilingualism, helped a thousand sites improve the situation with SEO and send users to the desired page.
We will tell you why the site on Drupal needs a security update monitoring service.
Site page load speed and its effect on bounces and conversions

We often receive site optimization requests after SEO audits. In most cases, we share one and the same list of recommendations that are aimed at making a Drupal-powered website more crawler-friendly. The exceptions are sites that are distinctly different (unique) under the hood.

Xdebug is a PHP extension that, as the name suggests, enables debugging and profiling of PHP scripts. This extension boosts developer’s productivity by speeding up the debugging information loop. With Xdebig, the developer spends less time finding out the reasons behind errors and understanding the logic of operation of an unknown block of code.